Scrap Metal Recycling FAQ

Q: Why is scrap metal recycling so important?
A: Metal recycling is a process where materials are collected and sent where they can be converted into something usable again. When you recycle your unwanted metal items, you will put cash in your pocket and do your part to help the environment. Most metals can be recycled over and over again, making this type of recycling one of the most practical solutions to preserving some of the earths natural resources.

Q: Are materials that come from recycled metal of lesser quality than raw materials?
A: No. Using recycled metals as much as possible rather than new ore has many benefits by preserving natural resources, reducing energy usage and carbon emissions.

Q: Is their really a benefit to recycling everyday household items?
A: Yes. Most households are not recycling metals as much as they could be simply because they don't realize the number of goods that are actually recyclable. When you recycle more you will help keep the cost of goods lower, reduce landfill waste, and reduce energy consumption. Of course, the benefit most enjoy is that recycling scrap metal pays them cash.

Q: Where do the metals go after they get to Tyroler Scrap Metals and what happens to them?
A: Our recycled materials are crushed, bailed, and bundled at our facility and then shipped off to processing and manufacturing facilities where the metals are melted down and turned into new products and/or usable materials.

Q: Do you accept whole cars for recycling purposes?
A: YES, we do. We also accept many different types car parts that contain ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Contact us directly for more specifics regarding automotive and/or auto parts recycling.

Q: What are the State Law requirements regarding recycling metals?
A: Ohio requires a valid State ID or Drivers License of any seller of scrap metal. Sellers are also required to have their photo taken at the time of the transaction. All transactions are reported to State and Local Authorities on a daily basis.